Implement Evidence Based Programs & Policies

During these fiscally conservative times, it is important to accurately target suitable funding sources. While there are governmental funding streams available, they are highly competitive and require specialized knowledge and expertise. Federal government grants can be awarded to individual state, county and city governments as well as community based agencies – each with their own set of requirements and expectations. Salina & Associates has first hand knowledge and expertise identifying what is a viable and will assist you in identifying solid opportunities. We assist you in implementing your program through:

  • Grant Writing: We help you establish funding priorities and find opportunities including eligibility and funding match requirements, address the competitive nature of the opportunity, create timelines and establish proposal review criteria in partnership with Salina & Associates collaboration.
  • Program Implementation: Once you are awarded funding, Salina & Associates applies our extensive program design and implementation expertise to assist your organization’s leadership, ensuring that activities outlined through the funding cycle are successfully achieved in a timely manner.
  • Staff Training: We have significant resources to effectively train all levels of your personnel in proper implementation of your project or policy change. We assist you in identifying system barriers and in finding resolutions for successful implementation.